When your higher self calls you , it's simple really. You sit and listen.

I am highly intuitive and strongly connected to myself and my guides. I know when they need me to meditate and I need to be with myself and listen. I hear and feel you guides , I am ready to sit still and accept the guidance you are here to provide to me.

Decks: The influence of the Angels Tarot and Sacred destiny oracle

4 of Cups - it’s not that I am not interested in the opportunities presented to me or will be , it’s that I want to connect with nature , my higher self and my guides. I have recently discovered that I am on a 3 of Swords heart healing mission but in order to do that I need to heal my sword wounds.

The depiction of this card is literally how I feel, to sit with nature and be with Mother so that I can hear my inner voice. I promise not to hide again from the community but intuitively I am getting the message that I need to add in more meditation into my daily ritual because when things in my life start to get cluttered I cannot hear or see the messages that I need from spirit.

Simplicity- Plain and simple, declutter. At home, electronically, at work, get things in order financially. How perfect that I pulled these cards right before the Mercury Retrograde. I was starting to feel lost when I decided to pull a card a card from the Sacred Destiney deck only to find my angels were like girl clean up and let us in.

Today, I feel a little more at peace seeing the effects of incorporating meditations twice a day. I felt many twitches in my legs, vibrational pulls in my head and in my feet. It is a magical moment to let yourself become lost in meditation , that moment you forget you are where you are and let the healing energies flow through you. This is the type of magic I love to create the most, self healing. I am strongly getting the download that this is one way to flow through this retrograde, stay connected with your higher self. Pay attention to your physical body and give it what it wants. I can honestly say I forgot about the retrograde this time ! My guides continue to show up and I continue to put in the work !

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