Unconditional Love and Your Shadow Self

Sounds fucking amazing right ?

Unfortunately, most of us do not know what that may feel like and that's ok!

As I continue on my spiritual path I am constantly confronted with hard situations that have left me feeling like WTF?! And not just what the fuck, but more like what in the actual fuck is happening with my love life ?!

Why is it that I am constantly giving all my love, support, guidance, time and energy but not getting that back in return?

As a human, whether we like to admit it or not we want to find our life partner, build a solid foundation and live that happy life. We either seek for our twin flame who love us unconditionally because maybe its how we grew up knowing what love is. Maybe there are folks that have never been loved as a child and so they are not sure how to love in a relationship. I have grown to understand some people never had a parental figure to show them that unconditional love so as an adult they do not know how to do that but want it desperately. There are so many karmic bonds that have never been broken and so it fucks with the intimate relationships we have as adults.

The thought of attention, affection, companionship, sex and love really blinds one too the infamously red flags we all talk about. But do you actually DO anything about those red flags? No one likes confrontation in fear of starting a fight that may end the relationship. I know sometimes the sex maybe hella good and you don't want to give that addiction up or share that good thang. WE ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE!!!! By choosing to accept the red flags we are not loving ourselves and that sounds like some bullshit.

I had a download from my guides this week and I am being called to share a piece of my shadow side that I have acknowledged out loud and ready to work on.

I used to never call out those red flags to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. I would throw around my attitudes expecting the other person to just KNOW what the fuck I wanted out of them. The next thing

I have learned that this is not working for me and I understand why no one is aligning with what I want, because I have things about myself that I need to work on. Understanding, that communication needs to be had regardless of how uncomfortable it is going to be. If you feel uncomfortable talking about it then you shouldn't be with that person period.

Also, the fuck was I thinking ignoring my bad ass super power-my intuition.

My guides were constantly slapping me in the face with signs and like a pendeja I ignored them.

When someone does not return the unconditional love you give them and then you break up it leaves you wondering what do you need to work on. It almost makes you feel like you are not good enough to find the love you give out to the world. Well fuck that! This is a MF limited belief that we all need to get rid of right now because it is not us.

I learned that the hard way, I learned that by doing the shadow work , by healing my inner child and by admitting out loud to the universe that I accept the shadow qualities I posses and will work hard to overcome them so that I can be aligned with my highest self. So that I can flow in sync with the universe. Telling myself that I am not good enough to find unconditional love is a limited belief that I am prepared to work on and I am not afraid to face that in order to bring in the abundance of love that I deserve. Most importantly, to talk about it in hopes that this ma help someone tap into their power sooner than I did. Lets fuckin heal together !!

The only way I know to help me figure shit out with my healing journey is asking my guides for help. I was drawn to connect to my guides to provide a message as a collective. I like to say this on my IG posts as well so here it goes- If this does not apply to you please do not try to make it fit in the moment. It may not be for you now and that is totally ok! One thing I love to live by is that we are not all meant for everyone. Enjoy my loves !!

A message from Spirit in regards to Unconditional love and brining in the love that you deserve into your life. THE DEVIL ( no lie when this card flew out of the deck I immediately said yaaassssssssssssssssss).

For those of you that are not to familiar with tarot, I can assure you that this is NOT a bad card, its actually a beautiful card and one that has followed me since I was 14.

When The Devil card makes an appearance in our lives it really a message to our soul, its a get your shit together soul so you can fuck shit up in this realm!

So how does The Devil card apply to unconditional love? Well, how can you find it if you are trapped in your own stories of not feeling worthy enough? By confronting our shadow self and telling that low vibrational version of ourselves, we let go of that blockage. Once we have released the addictions, people, habits that are no longer in alignment with us, we start to flow with the universe. The darkness fades, our third eyes are open and we can spot those red flags right away and call them out. Unconditional love will flow to you because your vibrations will attract that like minded soul that has done the work like you and ready to love your needy ass.

A message from Spirit about how to approach Shadow work.

The King of Swords- I love that there is an Owl in this depiction because it is a sign to sit still in the darkness. Be with yourself, listen to your inner voice and find the answers that you seek to start the healing process. The King of Swords brings in that fearless energy to me. The type of person you want to be or have by your side as you face the dark aspects of your soul. Tap into that when you find an area about your life that you want to work on. Fear is normal when It comes to facing something we do not want to know Is there but fear is also temporary. Tell your beautiful self that fear is only temporary and you release that emotion to your spirit guides to handle for you. During this time of self discovery, find wisdom from the painful experiences. The King is a smart dude that knows how to balance intellect with his spiritual and emotional self. Find your balance.

I am grateful for all of you that tune in to read my posts It truly touches my soul knowing that people take time out of their busy lives to read what I write. Because I am soooooo grateful for your love and support, I would love to send you a card pull! Send me one shadow quality you would like a message from spirit on and I will email you your message ! Email: marthaelenaempathhealing@gmail.com

Examples of shadow qualities:




Judgment of others

Negative thoughts of self

Negative thoughts about others


A shadow quality can be anything that you hide, repress and do not like to even acknowledge yourself.

Its time to step into your power and heal that shadow side !

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