This lifetime

As an Indigo I strongly do not feel like I belong anywhere in this life time. the only time I feel at home , happy , belonging to something is when I am with like minded people. When I am witching out , connecting with tarot , reading , writing, podcast hosting, with my coven , being out in nature and being with animals. I do not like being in crowded places at all not a family function type person. I

won’t apologize, I’m sure some are waiting for the I’m sorry . Fuck no. I love them for sure , with out a doubt. But I strongly do not feel a connection or any relation in anything to talk about.

So today I hear my mom say out loud to other people how she just never wanted a daughter . She claims it’s so she wouldn’t see her daughter suffer because women need to be strong in this lifetime . Thats legit , she’s right. However , kind of hurts and well the universe gave me the download that I am here for a reason.

I am not supposed to get along with everyone.

I am not meant for everyone. My vibe attracts my tribe.

That is what I am putting out there 👽

I let go the feeling of being judged. I let go trying to figure out how the fuck to act in this lifetime. I follow my intuition, stick to my values and focus on the things that matter, things of the heart. My vibrations will attract the soul family I need in this life time . I let go trying to fit in with the immediate peeps around me in this life time .

Photo credit from IG: @igotitfrommymantra

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