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Deck: The Sirian Starseed Tarot

Card: Ten of Flames/10 of Wands

When I think about the 10 of Wands I always think of the all the weight that has been carried on throughout the journey or all the extra responsibilities you maybe carrying on in the moment. In this depiction, I see hope at the top of the stairs encouraging a time to pause and take a break. This will be a great time to unload your responsibilities and see what you have taken on. Evaluate the things that you have carried on and see what has served you at its best and leave it at the bottom of the stairs. It is that time to take some weight off of your shoulders so that you can be well rested for your new beginning.

How are you dealing with burn out now a days ?

Maybe let go of some tasks/projects/people that you have put enough work in and its time to part ways. Take on something new that will be less stressful and that brings happiness to your life.

Are you too afraid to speak up and admit that you need some help?

Even when you feel like you have no support , how will you really know if you do not ask? Reach out to a family member, friend, partner, coworker and open up about something to allow you to express how overwhelmed you are feeling in the moment. At times, it may not be letting go of something you are holding on to but maybe its the release of the emotions behind it that you need.

There will always be that light at the end of the tunnel but know that by putting more energy into carrying the unnecessary weight can become a burden. The number 10 in tarot is a symbol of a cycle completing so know that you are at the end and your hard work will pay off.

The Universe will always guide you back on track.

This has popped up in my life this week as I continue to work on myself, loving myself and manifesting the unconditional love that I deserve. Breaking karmic cycles and doing the shadow work has been lonely, dark and emotional but that light at the top of this hill is my symbol of hope.

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