Spirit Animal Guidance -March

I have always had a major love for animals and Have always wanted to communicate with them. They are so magical, smart and strongly connected to the universe and to us. My intuition always draws me to animal oracle decks for guidance and they always come through with a message that I need in the moment. I pull cards for my pets and they always have something to say that seems to speak to my soul . I sat down with my guides because they asked me to provide a spirit animal guidance message for the month of March. It’s never too late for a message from spirit.

9 of Winter/9 of Swords

When the 9 of swords pops up I hate to say it does make me cringe a bit because I know that feeling of being "in your head". Fear and worry are the two bestfriends that I used to let tag along in my life like that had a permanent residence in my brain..fuck that. What, you read animals and thought there wouldn't be curse words? Well shit, if I had pulled the 4 of cups or Queen of Pents I wouldn't be so in your face with it but here I am.

I do have lots of love for this card and whoever this is resonating with because it is time to take a huge deep breath and now that you are being extremely hard on yourself. You are only human. We all make our beds and at the end of the day we lie in them. Doesn't mean you stay in that same bed forever.. I mean unless you don't feel like washing the sheets, that's all you love. But doesn't a fresh set of sheets feel MF great? Or taking a nice big dive into that scary water, knowing you ass knows how to swim otherwise you wouldn't be swimming right? Ok, so breathe and center yourself, the sea lion is a beautiful example that they have a balance in intellectual thinking and thinking with their hearts. They can live both in water and on land, they are in tune emotionally as well as logically.

The Butterfly

What a beautiful sign to move forward with whatever it is that you are worried about. The Process of transfoming ourselves to the truest most authentic versions of ourselves is a pain in the ass . But the outcome is beautiful af. I feel that you already know a change is needed and you feel that deep in the soul. But before you spread those magical , beautiful wings this calls for a life time review to see what parts of your life you truly want to shift. The Butterfly is a sweet reminder that you are a creation of the higher beings , a child of God , a child of the Divine- what ever source of power you believe In you are a part of. The nudge in your gut that’s telling you it’s time for a change is the universe speaking through your guides to you. Once I miss typed burning gut and sent out burning butt. So listen to that burning ass ! Telling you that you are supported during your time of transformation. Yes a change , spiritual journey can be and will be lonely. But the more you work on yourself the more your energy aligns with what is meant for you , that you I’ll draw like minded people to support you.

Build your soul family!

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