Soul coaching

What is a soul coach ? A bad ass MF who unfortunately has been through some shit but has been awakened into their spiritual path . They live their true authentic lives and help awaken others to their highest potential.

bottom line - earth angels .

Four months ago I felt lost in a dark forest of negativity , false beliefs , self sabotaging , just flat out not listening to myself. I knew deep inside this wasn’t who I was , I knew there was this deep calling inside me that wanted to find a way out of this shitty dark forest and into my true light.

Something told me to unfollow accounts that posted dumb shit that didn’t resonate with me , or unfollow people that posted things that no longer seemed to make sense to me anymore . That was family and friends , I started Connected with people on instagram who were going through what I was or love the same things I do. I slowly started seeing people around me talk about esoteric things , aliens, witches , rituals , meditation , TAROT . Everything started flowing in and making more sense than my mundane world. No offense to those I know personally here . Spirit is calling me on a self discovery , healing journey and it has nothing to do with you. This is all me hun.

I met this amazing chick. Amanda @awakenwithamanda

This is how I discovered how deep of a connection I truly have with not only spirit but with MYSELF. My intuition said you need some guidance and not from no MF on your insurance plan , a real soul who is with the shit and knows how to awaken the soul. I didn’t need a temporary fix I needed a kick in the ass so that I know where to start. I also knew I had no clue how to do this healing shit but my Intuition - aka spirit talking to you, was guiding me to Amanda. She had one week incentive but nah spirit said hoe you need some self healing , lots of nurturing , lots of support , empathy , cheering on.

this was it . Period. if you feel deep in your soul that you need a change because you feel lost , scared, seeking purpose in your life , I recommend looking into a soul coach. However , be prepared to face uncomfortable parts of yourself that need healing. Your inner child will love you for it . Trust me.

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