Revisiting: The Moon

The next card that I will be taking another look at in this mini series is The Moon.

This card has followed me when asking about my love life or when a client has asked about career. Most recently, this card popped up for me as something to embrace and I got the pull to write about it as the next card in my mini series.


  • Illusions

  • Duality

  • Facing fear

  • Anxiety

  • Subconscious

  • Trusting intuition

  • Dreams

  • Mystery

  • Visions

  • Spirituality

  • Celestial

  • Opportunities

  • A private struggle

  • Moon magic


When I think of the moon card and associate it with fear, it reminds me of the things from the past that are being illuminated now to be dealt with now or just any current fears that are taking over. They have been pushed far down in the deep waters of the subconscious mind and they resurface for a reason. I also see this card as playing it safe in your space even if it isn't comfortable for fear of change or the unknown. Depending on what you are asking or the surrounding cards, you will know what needs to be addressed or duh you will intuitively know what its about. There are things other than fear that can be holding you back at this moment so you must sit with your subconscious mind and discover what else stands in the way. What else is being illuminated for you? What is your intuition whispering to you? What illusions are present before you based from fear? I have also seen the Moon when someone or something is just not what they seem or something around you is just not right. Do not make any assumptions at this time.

Drowning in the unknown can be scary AF, when the moon pops up for you go within and listen to that inner voice. Let the moonlight be your guide and surrender. Trust yourself before you trust your surroundings. Embrace the strange, the unusual to happen.


  • Feeling uncertain or insecure in the relationship or about the person

  • Things are not as perfect within the relationship like others see

  • Arguments or past issues resurfacing

  • Deception, people being fake

  • Ignoring the red flags

  • Living in the future instead of addressing the now

  • Someone has caused confusion or disappointment

  • Single- the person you are asking about or going to meet may not be who they seem and you will need further information before proceeding


  • Not sure which direction to take career and even having anxiety about next steps

  • Unclear goals

  • Tense work environment or unpredictable/protection from negativity needed

  • Stress and pressure at work is affecting your mental health

  • Miscommunication with coworkers that has caused issues at work

  • Do not gamble

  • Stepping into Psychology or mental health work

  • A goal achieved but not worth what you went through

  • The money is good but you aren't satisfied with the work


  • Rest

  • Set intentions

  • Hidden opportunities

  • Wait

  • Adjust sleep patterns

  • Releasing fear

  • Blocked Third Eye/intuition

  • Secrets or lies exposed

  • Pushing emotions to the side

  • Misinterpretations

  • Avoiding confrontations

In reversed, I have seen this come up in a reading when a trauma or an old wound is resurfacing. A wound that has opened up and needs tending to. The Moon card will continue to show you this old emotional pattern until you address it.

Asking The Moon what's up?

This time, in stead of asking spirit for insights I am asking you to pull cards for yourself and let spirit guide you. For this you will grab your favorite deck, current fave or the one spirit guides you to for this. The shuffle really good, until the energies are clear or you hear or feel to stop. Next find The Moon card, the card behind The Moon card is a card that represents the past or a trauma that is coming up for you now. Keep these two cards out and then pull a card for how to address the challenges of the past and then a card for how to address the challenges of the now.

If you decide to try this exercise I would love to hear your thoughts, if it was helpful or spot on. You do not have to share what comes up as it can be deep and personal but I am here to hold space and honor you in your journey.

Love you <3

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