Revisiting: The Ace of Swords

Why am I doing this?

Other than I am obsessed with tarot.

Well, I am doing this because this card has been showing up in different readings either for myself or a client that I read for.

Today, I pulled it twice for two different people and I fuckin had it. Each time it has made its presence it has been something different and to be honest it has made me want to read into it. I turned to my soul fam on IG and some of the keywords that I was given were:

Clarity, strength, yes, beginning, quick, ruthless.


I decided to pull out my tarot journal out, the internet, books, friends perspectives and revisit this card one more time, it wont be the last. I always feel it is good practice to revisit the tarot with a different lens and add to your knowledge, grow your practice and see what medicine each card brings into your life. So when I look at the Ace Of Swords, I see this hand having a tight grip of the sword and not ready to let go. If at all. So if this cards makes its way into your life, make sure that your current beliefs are ones that align with your authenticity and makes you feel good. I see here clarity, bullshit being cut and sorted out and that is why your new beliefs in your hand make sense so you hold on tight to it. The Ace of Swords upright reminds me of a breath through, a new idea, clouded judgement, mental clarity, success, a new lens placed before you, finally understanding an issue, the clouds have parted so you can see the path in front of you to take the next step, your mind is stimulated, your mind is expanded, you are excited about pursing these new ideas, the project or idea requires your intellect and communication. You are pursing the truth in a matter, seeking justice.


I feel the Ace of Swords upright can be attracted to intellectual conversations, facing problems with your partner in honesty, as it can be rewarding getting something off of your chest to better the relationship. This can also be a sign to cut out toxic people in your life, speaking up for yourself. If you are not boo'd uo than I feel this card can mean you may meet someone that will spark you mentally and their company will be stimulating.


A new job or promotion that will stimulate the mind or you will find a job that requires you to share ideas with people and really use your brain.

Brainstorming ideas with a group and getting your opinions across, also can be a reminder to not let your heart rule your head in important decisions. If you need to make an investment do not make a decision with an emotional attachment.


Lacking ideas, confusion, misinformation, failure, lack of mental clarity, memory loss, unable to concentrate, lack of communication, creative blocks, lack of vision, frustrations, making wrong decisions, lack of assertiveness, bad news in legal matters.


Conflicts, confusion, lack of communication, resentment or hostility, insults. Single, you may meet someone who only wants a casual thing, choosing a partner that does not share the same values or beliefs that you do. Someone that is not in the right mindset for a relationship that you are seeking.


Failing in current position, did not get the job based on interview, current job or project is not stimulating you mentally, difficulty communicating ideas to coworkers, recheck current investments and make sure you pay attention to detail in contracts.

My channeled message from the angels

No matter where you are in your life when the Ace of Swords shows up your choices and decisions are yours and yours only. You will clear out the BS around you, let go of conditioning and others beliefs and stick to yours. There is also a wand in one of the cards. Wands= fire, passion so I feel like this can be saying choose to follow what fuels you. When I see loyal heart, I heard always stay true and devoted to your journey.

I really loved revisiting this card in the tarot and have already found two other cards in this mini series to write about.

Stay tuned for, Revisiting: The Moon

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