My guides coming through on a chariot

Deck: The Light Seer’s

After meditating on this mountain top and envisioning myself connecting with

Mother Gaia , I was drawn to pull a card for myself.

Spirit has come to remind me that I am in alignment with my true values , my true authentic self and it is time to continue to push forward to my next path. The Chariot encourages me to stay strong, channel my inner power through the rough parts of my journey.

Taking short cuts are tempting in any journey but spirit really wants me to focus on the road ahead and have faith that I can handle what bumps are on that road. There are lessons to learn and mentors to learn from .

A road trip wouldn’t be one without distractions and people that may try to steer me in a different direction. My strategy here is to continue to stay living my true authentic self and call in will power.

How perfect that at the end of this hike , In front of my car was a sign from the angels 🖤 A powerful connection with spirit keeps me motivated as well to not derail on my chariot.

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