Monthly Spirit Animal Message

It’s April and Covid 19 is not a joke however, many people are taking it as one.

As a Lightworker, I choose to continue to shine regardless of the circumstances of our public health around the world. Our life purpose still goes on, the Earth is still doing its thing so why are we so caught up in the fear bullshit? Allow yourself to acknowledge those fear energies as temporary and then tell them to fuck off. By feeding into the fear energies , you create a space for fear to cultivate and that will manifest darkness not shine. I have allowed myself to be still for a few days to ground myself and Spirit would like for me to continue on with my Spirit Animal messages for the community because my guides know the love I have for animals is unconditional. The medicine in their energy and magick is really something to pay attention to. Animals have been here just as long as we have , they too have their unique blueprints that are instilled with them on the day of their birth.

Spring has been present even though we may not feel as cheerful in light of bitch ass Rona. Mother reminds us through her beauty to practice gratitude in the little things we DO have instead on wasting time/energy on the things we wish we had/doing. The animals around us continue on doin their thing while the rest of us lose our shit . They are another blessing to us , they know that Mother is trying to come through and heal herself and they choose to remain calm. Animals are wise and they know if they go into panic we will go even more mad. Let me shut the fuck up and go on with this months message.

Queen of Spring/Persian Cat & Camel Spirit

A Queen, Cats and Camels ... yesssssss!

What did I day before !? These beautiful, majestic animals are chill AF.

Archangel Jophiel is blessings us with her wisdom of patience , balance of our energies while we are cultivating our dreams in the midst of chaos. Right now it seems like things have to stop, on some level you maybe feeling like you have to take care of other people but yourself. We are surrounded by a tornado of emotions and need to focus on ourselves now.

The Queen of Spring/Wands and the Camel both have a unique light that they have been born with , just like you reading this post. You are trying to understand your life purpose, you may know it but need to know what to do with this creative energy or you are awaken AF but may be feeling stagnant for some time. Not everyone is going to accept your light but the beauty is - fuck them. Like the Camel, we have this unique blueprint that we were born with. Same soul but different meat suits. There is so much wisdom that can be unlocked but it takes time to dig deep within ourselves and question our programming.

Take in the couragious and bold medicine of the Queen of Spring to meditate on what you really desire. Picture yourself on the throne , what does that look like ? Who is sitting with you ? Who are you looking at ? What creative project have you birthed or would like to see birthed into fruition? If you are a card slinger , I recommend sitting in your sacred space , center your heart and solar plexus energies . Pull two cards after shuffling your favorite tarot deck . The first reps a message from the Queen of Spring and the second is the medicine you need in the moment to spark your majestic energies in spite of the anxiety of quarantine. If you are not a card slinger that is OK ! If this post resonates with you and you would like me to pull a message from the Queen of Spring to gear up your creative spark - shoot me a DM on Instagram @mars_elena_lightworker

* I also offer donation based readings ! *

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