Judgement , the road to transformation with tarot.

Being a spiritual person is not an easy thing to live by. living in my true authentic form is sooooo fuckin hard because I keep getting doors shut in my face. People I hella love just distance themselves. Constant bullshit at work because the corporation that I work for is unorganized and political AF. I thought 2020 would be a little more easy with slight more peace but it’s actually been a shit show of spiritual checks. The universe has tested me in the last two months , almost testing my trust really. And I must admit I almost lost myself. I love to listen to myself , trust my intuition and really tap into my High Priestess energy when I’m feeling lost. my guides lead me to relearning how to let go of control and trust the universe. Things do not happen to me they are happening for me. so how does tarot come into play with my shit show 2 months of 2020?

Well , one daily ritual I do is pull a card for myself daily and I have gotten the Judgement card 3 times this year and twice in Feb! Now, this isn’t one of my sweet cards (if you want to know what a sweet card is let me know and I can post about it ! ) but I received an amazing and powerful download from my guides the last two days that I HAVE to share with my loves of the community. If what I am speaking about does not resonate with you please do not try and force it upon yourself. That just means the message isn’t for you and that’s ok! Your guides will lead you to another inspiring message that you may need to hear at a different time and maybe through another source.


Deck: Influence of the Angels Tarot

When this card presents itself it is a friendly if not harsh reminder that there are too many things blocking us psychologically , spiritually, intellectually, all of that. These heavy weights or stones like depicted in the card , are sins, limited beliefs, negativity, people , our job, family that are blocking us from transforming , healing and awakening into our true authentic selves. We constant battle ourselves mentally that nothing good can ever happen to us, that our 9-5 is what we have to do in order to live happily, that having money is a necessity - I mean it is too an extent right. So when this card jumped out for the third time it hit me, the guides want me to let go and release unresolved issues, resolve past issues , forgive people and let them go with grace. This is my sign that I am ready to be set free into my complete transformation. I am ready to connect and unite completely as one with my higher self . Like the woman looking at her higher self in this card below . Our higher selves are calling a lot of us in the community and around us , some of us who aren’t awake will not know that it is their higher selves. Let those people exit from your life and let thwm discover their inner healing path.

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