Is it me or is it just the energy shifts ?

Since the outbreak of the corona virus , I am sure you have all felt the dramatic energy shifts. Our root chakras are being shook to the core and we are finally questioning our programming we have been taught since childhood.

As a Starseed, this energy shift is normal to me. I am grateful to be where I am in my spiritual journey because this pandemic may have made the old me really go into deep depression. My family has even asked me how I am remaining so calm during shelter in place and having to still go to work daily. I simply say because I know this is part of the Divine's plan and I am truly supported. Fear around this pandemic does not exist in my aura and I will not allow it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to speak about it but I was exposed to the virus and tested, exposed due to being at work when I could have been working from home. I had a strong feeling in my gut that it was negative and yes it was. Even after undergoing that stress and having to adjust working from home I tried to remain as positive as I can be. Ultimately, I have very little control over working from home, but I do have control over where I take my career and soul journey next.

The witch in me decided to listen to my intuition to shut my mind out for a bit. I heard the words cosmic medicine and I knew that my celestial guides were there in the moment with a message. They always draw me towards the Starborn Oracle deck by Katy Sullivan and The Starseed Oracle deck by Danielle Noel. I asked for the celestial spirits that are present for their cosmic guidance to assist me through the next phase in my life. Because, id it me or is everyone else's witch senses on high alert?

Hiareth/Earth School

This explains exactly how I have been feeling off and on for a very long time. I have noticed I start to feel a longing for home more so during big energy shifts. I have never felt a belonging to anything, including my own family. I look up at the galaxy and I know that is where I belong and that is where I came from. However, I know I cannot go back and these cards here are a perfect reminder of that. My soul choose to live on Earth for a reason and that is for soul growth, to learn and to teach. Lightworkers are not given a choice where their soul will be rebirthed next. I strongly feel a calling to make a change to shake up my life a bit towards my life path. I hear a class, course, reading a book to expand my knowledge is in order here.


Whenever I feel stagnant in my spiritual journey, the Starborn deck always pulls me towards the right direction. Astrology is such a beautiful reminder of where it all begins, our birth chart. I strongly feel a calling to read more into my natal chart, astrology in general to gain a better understanding of my spiritual path. I have always been so drawn to astrology , the stars , the galaxy , horoscopes and wanting to communicate further with my celestial guides. I honestly feel I need to stop procrastinating, making excuses and get back to reading and discovering deeper layers about myself. One thing I love about Katy's deck , Starborn is that she associates every oracle card to a card in the tarot. Astrology is associated with The Star card in the tarot. It warms my heart because I feel that my celestial guides are encouraging me to continue to shine my light as a lightworker.

Dreamland has appeared to me before when I felt stagnant and it makes perfect sense. I need to create a deeper connection with my subconscious mind. That is where my celestial guides, spirit team will communicate with me. The problem I have been having lately is not being able to remember them and when I do, I have not given myself enough time to decipher them. The Dreamland oracle card is associated with the 4 of swords, 9 of swords, High Priestess and The Moon. I am planning on dropping a few words to break down the meanings of the tarot cards for my readers that are not familiar with tarot. As I embark on my spiritual journey I realize how my guides come through to me so much through divination tools.

Two weeks ago something told me to study the suit of swords but I brushed it off. They continue to follow me so I am going to listen and pay attention. The suit of swords is the element of Air and connected to the mind and intellect. Sometimes it reminds me not to sit too much in our shit and figure our lives out. It is probably why I am followed by the 4 & 9 of swords, smh. I always make time to sit with the shit but never dedicate the time to actually deal with it. I am listening my guides and I am sorry for masking my bullshit but not truly dealing with it so that I can relieve myself from the stagnant energies I feel deep in my soul. I have been remaining calm, being that ear for others so that they can vent their fears but I haven't dedicated the time for myself to release the energies I have held on to. I just heard cut the cords, again I will drop down a note to what I mean by "I just heard". The shelter in place is really waking a lot in the community to ask questions about their programming. I have always questioned things as a child but I am being called to break programming. The answers that I am seeking starts with meditation, clearing my aura daily, setting the proper intentions nightly to receive the messages I am seeking via dreams. Deepen my connection to Spirit and unlock more of my blueprint. My soul choose life on Earth and I am here to find out why?

** Keywords to the tarot cards mentioned in the reading**

The Star: Faith, hope, connection to the Universe.

The Moon: Intuition, addressing fears, worries and anxieties, illusion

The High Priestess: Bad bitch lol ok seriously-Spirituality, knowledge, higher power, balance

4 of Swords: rest, reflection, re-energize

9 of Swords: sitting in your shit but remembering that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

** One of the gifts that I am blessed with in this life time, Clairaudience**

Clairaudient: Having the ability to hear messages internally and externally from Spirit guides.

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