Inner Child Healing

Week 1 of my journey was hard .

I truly had no idea what inner child healing meant , probably because I forgot all about who she was. When I discovered all of the things she loves and who she is about , it made me want to pursue the healing journey even more. She has been screaming to come out , I just hadn’t been listneing.

So I had to find her and build a relationship with her . I dove in with meditations and that’s where I found her . Right in front of me but I never remember seeing her upset or afraid. She was eager , excited and she gave me that face my daughter often gives me when she knows we are going to be up to something new. My daughter. Her energies felt like my daughter. I cried because in that moment I discovered I was given a second chance through her. It is like we are a mirror , a twin flame. Once I acknowledged her and reassured her that she is safe. I asked her what she wanted me to do next , what did she want. she was not playing around ! Sending me so Many signs about getting creative. She wanted to be a writer, she wanted to take beautiful pictures, paint, draw, create. Unfortunately, she lived in a world where it was hard to be accepted and no on really at home to turn to for encouragement. So she lived in fear of not being good enough and keep all those things to herself. Not any fucking more. This bitch right here was able to recognize those past feelings, labels I had given myself that I brought with me to adulthood and I started ripping them off. No you do not need a degree to write, look I’m doing It free right now. I do not need to go back to school to learn something. I am learning reiki, tarot through a bad ass community. I also do not NEED to have a certain income to survive. THAT ONE RIGHT THERE. I love that one, I can get to that on later. But that week I got to dream big, after being in my feels , I got to really tap into that energy and pour it into something I love. So I started journaling again, I started pulling more tarot cards for myself and writing about it. I started trusting the universe, I started trusting my guides and listening. Weeks 1 & 2 were a beast .. but it truly helped me discover the the path to my truth authenticity.

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