In the frontline

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I think somewhere in the back of our minds we know that healthcare workers work their asses off but forget that we are also exposed to many diseases, lose lots of sleep, sacrifice family time, sacrifice self care time, sacrifice our dreams.

I stepped into healthcare over 15 years ago no lie , to make money. I met humans from various parts of the world , with so much wisdom that taught me so much about myself and who I am today. I learned that I love taking care of people. I discovered that I have a gift of holding a safe space for people to share with me the most vulnerable parts of their lives. I discovered my gifts as an empath , my purpose , my earth angel abilities. As I continue to do shadow work , I realize I no longer care about my salary Or care about recognition. I see that my skills and who I am can take me where I want to go, I can manifest my next move because I am in control of what my dreams look like. So now we face an epidemic that has impacted is all over the world, COVID 19 will be something we talk about in the next 10 years if not for a life time. I as a healthcare worker will for sure tell my grand babies how her bad ass grandmama survived the Rona. It’s wild how in the matter of weeks the spot light is turned from athletes, media gossip and celebrities to celebrating healthcare workers, law enforcement, grocery store workers , workers in food service , janitors , social services. We were nothing but regular working class people that no one looked to care about. Now I am being thanked to go to work and it’s wild AF. What is more wild is I am waking up to all the bull shot I have dealt with in health care. For starters , we have been put in quarantine over a cold virus. Why were we not in quarantine over SARS or the swine flu? Fear . That is the key here. Also, people apparently don’t know how to wash their hands. let’s go back to fear , I can go on about how this virus brought out the fucktards of the world. These same fucktards have caused a pandemic of “fear”. Fear of the unknown, running out of resources , running out of money, bills piling up , zombie apocalypse, humans raging . Seriously , I dont know what the fuck they are afraid of because deep in my soul I know we’d are all safe. My heart does go out to all the humans living in legit fear but drop a comment and let me know some fear energies around corona. Let’s talk this out together so we can support each other and see that this, like any other fear wave we get is temporary. While Mother Earth is healing her tired self , the Universe needs us all to give up our fears, doubts , worries , anxieties so that it can be transmuted to Mother Earth for healing. We will be feeding back our souls healing energies , conquering this virus and not allowing it to enter our healthy auras. Affirming daily that we are strong , our immune systems are stronger than ever , we are safe , we are protected , we are supported , we are confident, only love and healing can penetrate our auras. Lets make some moves to switch up how we think ! You can pick yourself up from the 10 of swords heaviness weighing heavy over you because baby , you are safe.

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