Hermit and The King

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Deck: Animal Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine

I try my best to start my morning ritual with positive affirmations to get my positive energies flowing so I can wake up and slay my day. One thing I love to do is reassure myself is that I am powerful, I am limitless. The ego tries to make you feel like you may have to dim your light to not come off cocky. The thing is I am far from cocky, but I have been through some things and have learned to grow from the experiences that brought on painful memories. As I continue to heal, grow and teach, my guides are speaking to me in many ways.

One thing I have grown to love is pulling a card for my pets because most of the times they have a message that will help me in the moment or inspire me to get back to something that pertains to my life purpose. I also, love to pick up their energies while I am interacting with them using tarot. Lately my cat Dayse has been more chatty than usual so I decided to pull a card for her. I pulled the Hermit and I felt the energy coming from the card, so I looked at Days and it felt comforting. The message on the card said, “Be a beacon for others on their path to spiritual enlightenment.” That shook me because I thought I was going to pull the three of cups-aye! Mom lets celebrate, feed me.

Shortly after that (I did give her a treat, shrugs here) I pulled my daily energy card. I pulled the same card I did yesterday! The King of Spring.

I immediately received the download that I must continue to heal so that my experiences and insight may help someone. I also picked up the message that I should link up with an enlightened mentor to gain more knowledge because I have a new lesson to learn. I like to follow my intuition on these downloads because 10 times out of 10 there is a lesson and I was not prepared for it. I have already gone into hermit mode, so I know that is not the message here, I am not saying do not hermit out. If your life feels messy and your soul is calling you to hermit out by all means say fuck you to the things that you no longer feel called to and be one with yourself to find some peace.

Like the King of Wands, I will tap into my leadership strengths in me to help some one come out of their hermit mode. Wands are the suit of fire, action and when this suit shows up for me regardless if it’s the 5, I love it. Wands inspire me to talk about my downloads, my messages from spirit, my animal communication experiences, shadow work. With all that being said, I am meditating the thought about -how can I come up with a shadow work healing tool? How can I spread to others what I have done to awaken and try to live a better life? The next topic that will not leave my heart is , helping others connect to their true authentic self to find their life purpose. The passion and work continues..

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