Here I am ...

I am going to say first – I am a Witch, a healer, a Lightworker, Starseed, Reiki healer in training and an empath with High Priestess energies.

I am starting this blog because I am a very sensitive person and can pick up om a lot of energies. I have gone through emotional and physical pain/obstacles and ready to talk about it.

As an empath, I am naturally drawn to help everyone and my first step in doing that is this blog, IG and tarot/oracle readings. Because I am a natural go getter, seeker of knowledge, not afraid of the unknown, awakening into my spiritual path – I want to inspire as many people as I can to do the same!

I used to live in fear, doubts and negativity and would complain that things weren’t going “my way”. Changing my way of thinking, saying daily affirmations, meditation, self love and many other ways has helped my healing path, it can help you too!

I am here to talk about: relationships and how to call out the red flags with out fear of losing that person-become empowered. How to get through a separation with your spouse where there are kids involved. I will encourage everyone to speak about their mental health-especially men. I am in support of all of you- this is a safe spot for us all. Anxiety , depression and drugs. Losing a loved one to suicide or suicide attempts. How to deal with negativity and bullshit at the work place. How to find your life purpose and not be afraid of chasing it. Empowering women is my thang. Fibromyalgia and how not to get caught up in the negativity of living with pain. Living in a home where loving the supernatural is considered devil worship. Feeling like you do not belong in your family, having no soul connection. Being told you weren’t wanted but didn’t have a choice because well she is my mom lol she just didn’t want a girl and decided to tell me . The best part of all of this is having a place where I can be a witch and connect with like minded soul family. I am in the process of becoming a soul coach but before I can really dive deep into helping people, I will do the deep soul healing on myself and share my knowledge.

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