Doing the work #BLM

There is no better way for me to start this off by saying I guess this is a trigger I am working on. I am triggered that people are saying they are in support of Black Lives Matter, Antiracism but carry on as if its not a big issue. I am slowly starting to see the fire in their auras dwindle. Please invite me to understand this because this will be emotionally draining but it has to get done. We as a collective must rise up and #dothework together. That being said, I have finally made sense to the downloads I have been receiving from my guides and it finally took a call on my higher self to let me know what that message is.

Over the last month or so I have been seeing bees, snakes, lizards and crabs through tarot, oracle cards , tv, books, outside etc. I wasn't too sure what they all meant until I pulled a card for the collective and the messages flooded in from Spirit. Now, I love sleep. Those that know me know that I love to cuddle and go to bed so for me to stay up night after night trying to make sense of this message is not a coincidence to me. In fact, I do not believe in coincidences-but that's just me.

I was getting comfortable in bed after being woken up at 5 am by my cat when I felt a jolt of energy to write and my body giving my signals that a download was happening. I tried to ignore it but it was too strong since I have slowly started educating myself on the history of slavery in the United States. I am not dumb I know racism has existed for a very long time but I like many, felt "what can my voice do?" or "well, I see you doing work out there and I'm sure things will go back to normal soon." I hate that I have thought those things but I am acknowledging that about myself and I forgive myself for being so blind and scared. We all hold some influence on someone in our lives whether you like to believe so or not. So, your actions of not doing the work to stop racism will be noticed by one person close to you and the may find comfort in that and do the same. In turn, they will influence someone close to them to do the same. Can you see how one person turning their faces away from the truth can create a ripple effect of ignorance? It becomes silenced until a person of color is murdered or beaten unjustly for the collective to lose their shit. Its a cycle that needs to be broken, so start by educating yourself. Becoming aware of the privilege's you have versus the privilege's that black people or people or color have. I as a Latino woman do not feel that it is right that my daughter is safer than her best friends who are black. Safety should be felt as a collective.

So what the fuck does this have to do with animals?

I have been trying to make the connection because I thought these were individual messages but it is these animals coming together in unity to provide this message to the collective about doing the work wherever you are, however you can, no matter where you were born what you were taught as a child. It is time for change.

Change cannot happen by one person alone and requires work from the collective (Bees). This work will be challenging, emotional but like the Bee they know that a job needs to get done and they work together to get it done. They unite and support each other as we all should as we unite to learn, unlearn, relearn.

The Snake is saying stop chasing the tail and stop to shed those old beliefs, shed away layers of what you were taught about racism. Shed the layer of thinking you do not have a voice. Shed the layer about what you were taught about this country. Rebirth into new world. The Lizard is telling you they are they masters of change, they adapt to their surroundings no matter what they are walking into but like any other living being they seek peace. The crab is a sign of rebirth as well, bringing you a sign of trust. They also remind us of cycles, racism is a cycle that has been going on for years that need to be broken collectively.

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