Closed Heart Spaces

I am sure that you are all tired of being in quarantine, sick of hearing blasted all over the media and well some are struggling without work. My heart goes out to everyone , as someone in Heathcare right there on the frontlines - I too al tired. It is nice to know that this lockdown gives people a chance to reconnect with projects they left behind, creative outlets can be explored now , hikes can happen and some can catch up on some serious self care. I feel at peace and I am grateful to the Great Spirit for being by my side throughout my journey even when I feel like shit is hitting the fan . I know deep down if I continue to let my fears go to the Universe and worry about taking it one day at a time, Great Spirit stays by my side.

I truly felt guided by my Spirit Team to grab my Earth Warriors deck by Alana Fairchild, lately I have been drawn to discovering the medicine of each card.

The White Buffalo Woman

She is the last card in the deck and its a beautiful final message in this deck. She is a symbol of rebirth and brings spiritual promise into your life. She is divine justice and the white buffalo is a sign of great faith. The term that I sat with for a moment while looking at this card is closed hearts. I though what could this really mean ? And if you have a closed of heart what does that mean for the person?

Keeping your heart closed to the world will block you from receiving the love and support you are seeking. Allowing yourself to be free from thinking you do not deserve love will draw in love energies to your heart space. Maybe this is a call to love on yourself more , there Is a light there and it is time to give back and receive that love you give .

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