Brain dump

No real structure to this blog post, I just need an outlet to release some emotions and thoughts that I have trapped in my brain.

I am not perfect and choose not to be. I continue to face the dark shadows of myself so that I can heal and get a better understanding on how to deal with the human race in this realm. To just survive and inspire as many people as I can (but this is a whole ass other story.)

My mundane job sucks. The benefits and flexibility is great but behind the scenes they let their employees put up with burn out. I come home and I do not have the mental capacity to do anything for myself. I deal with so many different energies, sick, healthy, happy, good, bad and straight assholes. (Entitled doctors might be my favorite, but that is a whole other topic.)

Unfortunately, in this world I have met people that cannot do the work on themselves and choose to project their unhappiness on everyone around them.

I have dealt with people that are big time manipulators. They will manipulate the fuck out of any and every situation to make themselves look good or to make their lives easy. They do not give no fucks about anyone but themselves.

I have also met people who are very insensitive. Totally cool if you were raised to have a black heart of steel if it helps you get through life, great. But don't be a black heart of steel jerk with all of the people around you. NOT EVERYONE you meet will fuck you over, I am assuming these breeds of life must have gotten fucked once or twice. Maybe they grew up in an area where it was survival of the fittest. I am not sure, but I know my life has not been rainbows, unicorns and glitter poop but doesn't mean I am going to be an asshole to the people I meet.

So, we cannot change people's thought patterns, beliefs or behaviors but we have the power to not give a fuck.

The best way I have found is: Never allow a low vibrational person trigger you. Understanding their behavior has helped me give less of a fuck so that I will not be triggered but more focused on resolving whats got them so bent out of shape.

By not giving a fuck, I am in control of my emotions, I do not pick up theirs and most importantly I can go on about my day without one thought about their shenanigans.

Now you maybe thinking, well bitch what if the assholes I deal with is family?

So? what is more important? Your mental health or theirs ? Set your boundaries respectfully and watch peace begin to flow to you. Life becomes more clear and you can begin to take care of yourself.

OK, so what if I have to deal with these people daily? Like classmates or coworkers?

So? Reevaluate what no longer aligns with you in the relationships and set boundaries. If a classmate is constantly asking for your notes but not taking their own, looking for the easy way out- tell them no more.

A coworker is taking advantage of your help-set yo MF boundaries and come to a agreement to share the work. It is ok to let people know how you feel, not in a bad way but in a way that will show that you too are tired of the shit.

I know this wont always go perfectly but once you start making that change and standing in your ground it becomes a ripple effect. People around you will see you standing in your ground and will be afraid of it and back off or make them stand in their ground too, make them take a good look at themselves. Be a powerhouse everyday!

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