Awakening to Tower moments

We are living in a Tower world right now and it is affecting the collective emotionally. Triggering everything we know, we believe in, we once loved. This collective energy shift has drawn me to pull a few cards to see what messages are coming through from Spirit. I was guides you call in Mother Mary and Jesus. This is a message for the community as a collective. As I say on my IG stories and posts, take what resonates and leave the rest.

Obsidian is the focus of this message and if you own an Obsidian crystal then you know the power that it holds.

Obsidian is an invitation to look at self reflection. Look at the mirror and what is it that you see? Are you ready to take an in depth look at yourself and acknowledge who you are?

Starting the journey of self discovery is a scary one, facing the dark parts about ourselves will instill fear in us because it is an unknown path. It is a path that challenges us to do the work, to let go of control and that is when ego likes to make you feel like it is not possible. Getting a better understanding of why we do the things that we do, feel the way we do about things will help us get a better understanding of other people. We can then start to show compassion to situations, people and relationships. But before we can do that we are being asked to show compassion to ourselves.

Obsidian spirit invites you to reclaim your personal power. Take a moment to step back, go into solitude and use your discernment. Eliminate what no longer makes sense to you. There are old belief systems that are being torn down and it is time to see what can we let go in the process. It is time to shed the layers to unearth the new you, the true authentic form you were when your soul choose your vessel. Amplify your self-awareness and acknowledge all your imperfections. The beautiful YOU. This message is a reminder that we were all born for a reason and have so much to offer this world. How can you say you are walking in your true authentic skin if you cannot accept ALL of you?

Some of us reading this message are already stepping into their personal power. This message invites you to share what you have learned about your personal growth. How did you shed old layers? Shine your light and inspire others to do the same. Be a ripple effect of light into this world.

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