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Intuitive Tarot Reader

Welcome to my page ! Here you can find my blog where I will talk about tarot, all my favorite witchy things, tv, podcasts and whatever the fuck I want really. Tarot is a huge love of mine and empowering people to step into their true authentic selves is my MF jam. So if you are feeling like you need some guidance on some things you can book a reading with me !! Love you all so much !!!

Crystal Ball

About Me

A Unique , Intuitive, Empathic Tarot Reader

I am a lightworker, an empath, Starseed, indigo child, a witch  with High Priestess energy. I love everything about magic, tarot and astrology. I am not a medium or psychic but I am highly intuitive with the gift of picking up energies and reading people. Currently, my tarot menu is in the works but booking donation based readings!
Being a part of my website will give you a space to be yourself, to enjoy tarot, weekly guidance, moon rituals, tarot spreads, my healing experience and so much more.


Tarot Spreads By MarsElena


Here you will find tarot spread created by me that are inspired by the the ocean, Dog Spirit as well as having a daily check in spread that has helped me when beginning to read tarot. 

Dog spirit tarot spread.png
ancestral lineage spread.png
Messages from the Sea
Self care spread.png

Tarot Services


Donation Based Reading


In this reading I will dive into one question or area of your life that you need guidance on. I will pull 4 cards and send the reading via email or text with a PDF interpretation of the reading or I can provide a voice message via text.


I Love My Clients, PERIOD!

Straight From The Community


"Thank you sooooooo sooooo much I'll definitely come to you again when I need to work on my connection. You are a beautiful person inside and out, I enjoyed and gained a lot from our session."


"Martha truly helped me find the answer I was looking for. You were spot on and your energy was pure.My tarot reading was accurate and described exactly what I was going through to the T. Your guidance to improve my journey will used, thank you so much again. For anyone questioning if they should take upon the time to do a reading , don't be skeptical . Martha is legit and you will not regret it."


"My reading with Martha was absolutely spot on! She hit the nail RIGHT on the head! I'm a tarot reader myself and Martha dug right into her intuition and channeling through information I could not see myself! She is a DIAMOND! If you have been thinking about booking with Martha.. stop thinking and book with her now!"



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